Charcoal Style Pet Portraits Now Available

[box type=”info” border=”full”]Update (11/04/12): My pet portraits are now only available through – Please visit the site to see what’s currently available.[/box]

Last month I introduced the Alla Prima portrait style as a more affordable option, but I know people are still strapped for cash, so I wanted to be able to offer something that most people would be able to afford as a Christmas or birthday gift.

So I am now offering this beautiful charcoal style portrait. The portraits are still digitally hand-painted, but the brushes I use give it a fantastic sketchy look.

Charcoal Style

Charcoal Style Pet Portrait

This is Tilly, my friend’s cat. She’s about a year old, and she’s just started to venture into the great outdoors.

She escaped about 6 months ago and came back with a broken leg after getting in a fight with the neighbour’s dog. The leg healed well, but she’s understandably a bit nervous about going exploring again!

To get your own charcoal style pet portrait, just take a look at my pet portraits page, and follow the ‘Get Started’ link to send me your photos.

The price probably won’t be this low for ever, so get one quick, while they’re cheap.

And remember, 10% of all pet portrait proceeds will go to animal charities.

Visit to see what pet portraits are available.

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