Baby and Toddler portraits

I’m at that age now (well, I have been for a few years actually) where everyone around me seems to be having babies.

It seems like every week someone else I know announces their good news!

But as any experienced parent will tell you, those early years are over in the blink of an eye and before you know it, your baby is all grown up and you find yourself looking at baby photos and wondering where the time went (so I’m told – my time has yet to come!)

I think this is why people like to get portraits painted of their babies, to capture that fleeting moment in time  in a painting that will last a lifetime.

I was recently asked to paint this portrait of my sister’s goddaughter, as a present for the parents on the baby’s first birthday. (Click to enlarge)

And I  made a video as I was painting, which shows some of the process:

If you know someone who would appreciate a custom-painted portrait of their little one to treasure forever, you can order one today from

Here are a few more examples of my baby portraits (click to enlarge). Get in touch if you want to discuss a commission.

Digital Black & White

Digital Colour

Acrylics on Canvas


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