Sunset at Frognerseteren by Dan Johnson
Paddling by Dan Johnson

6 Things I’ve Learnt From Daily Painting

A few weeks ago, I was buying something from Amazon, and a book came up in my recommendations that caught my eye. It was called Daily Painting by Carol Marine, and it had a lovely tomato painting on the cover.


Daily Painting – by Carol Marine

I previewed the book on Amazon and liked the look of it, so I ordered it, and when it arrived a few days later I read it from cover to cover and instantly felt inspired to paint more often.

Since I read the book, I’ve completed thirteen paintings in three weeks, which is frankly astounding, given my previous track record of painting very sporadically.

So I thought it might be useful to share some insights from my first few weeks of daily painting:

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Snack Time by Dan Johnson

Snack Time

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My wife and I recently spent a weekend in Betws-y-Coed, North Wales.

After a long walk through the forest to Llyn Elsi, we stopped at the Alpine Coffee Shop for some drinks and a snack.

They sell a wide range of homemade organic, fair trade, and palm oil free products, and the walls are covered in huge paintings and photos of gorillas and orangutans, in an effort to raise awareness of apes in crisis.

Sitting under the watchful gaze of all those great apes inspired me to create this small painting of an orangutan enjoying a mid-afternoon snack.

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