Loosening Up

I’ve felt like my painting style has loosened up quite a bit in the last few weeks, at least compared to how I used to paint a few years ago.

But I still feel it’s important to prevent the tightness creeping back in.

So today I decided I would start this painting really loose and just see where it went, without any intention to try and sell it or even show it to anyone, necessarily.

Fisherman's Best Friend by Dan Johnson

“Fisherman’s Best Friend” – Oils on 8×8″ Gessobord

I started with a really large brush, and just blocked in the background and the water, keeping everything niceĀ and blocky.

Then I gradually got more detailed with smaller brushes, but there’s no really fine detail at all. Even the figure and the dog are pretty rough if you look closely.

I quite liked the overall effect of the painting though, and I think the unfinished quality of the surroundings draws the eye in to the focal point of the figures.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

One thought on “Loosening Up

  1. Wonderful picture. I particularly love the relationship between the dog and the rest of the picture. He catches your attention and then it’s as though you look into the picture because he seems to be going into or looking into it. The fisherman looks so natural. Very appealing work.


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