Continuous Learning (continued!)

A bit later than intended, but here’s a look at the rest of the painting process from the Alla Prima Portrait workshop I took back in June.Stage 2 is blocking in the main colours, focusing only on the big shapes. No detail, no blending, just large blocks of colour.

At the end of this stage, the painting always looks pretty terrible, and you have to trust in the process and ust keep going.


Next you start to model the form, which means working on the edges of the shapes you put down in the previous stage, to make the face appear three dimensional and rounded.


The final stage involves finishing everything off, correcting any mistakes, and adding final details to the painting.

Here’s my finished portrait:


I wouldn’t normally spend an entire month on a single painting, so that was one┬áchallenge, as the paint from one stage had dried by the time I came to the next one. I find it much easier to work wet in wet, over a few days at most if possible.

There’s a lot of room for improvement, but I learnt a lot during this workshop, and I’d definitely recommend it if you get the chance.

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