About Me

Dan Johnson Self PortraitHi, I’m Dan.

I’ve been passionate about art since childhood, especially drawing and painting, and with a particular fascination for portraits and the human figure.

I started out painting in acrylics, but I have since come to prefer oil paints. I also work with digital media.

I live in Sheffield in the UK, and continue to draw and paint daily.

If you like my art and want to see more, there are several ways you can keep up to date.

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  • Subscribe to my blog posts, where I will post any finished paintings, as well as bit of insight into my creative process. You can subscribe by Email or RSS.
  • Like my Facebook page, or circle me on Google+, where I will post works-in-progress and other behind the scenes info.
  • Follow me on Twitter, where I’ll also post WIPs, as well as links to other artists I admire.
  • Check out my #Draw365 blog, where I intend to draw something every day for a year.

I also blog about how you can make a living from your creativity over at Right Brain Rockstar. Come and say hello!

And if you like this site, and want one of your own to promote your artwork, check out my Artist Website Services.

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