Fisherman's Best Friend by Dan Johnson

How to Match Colours With Oil Paints (Video)

Something I’ve been planning to do for a long time now, is to put together a short online course covering the basics of getting started with oil painting.

This is something I wish I’d had access to when I was starting out, so I figure other people might find it useful too.

I’m making pretty slow progress, but I have drafted a few lessons, and started to plan a few videos.

I’ve also recorded one video, and thought it might be useful to share it here first and get some feedback. Continue reading

Paddling 2 by Dan Johnson
Art School

5 Painting Rules You Should Break

When learning to paint, whether you’re self-taught or attending art school or other classes, you’ll inevitably come across techniques or theories that are presented to you as rules you must follow.

Some of these ‘rules’ are actually pretty useful, and if you stick to them you won’t go far wrong.

But there are exceptions to every rule, and it’s important to know when to break them. Continue reading

Capoeiristas by Dan Johnson

Don’t Let Criticism Get You Down

My heart sank when I read the email:

We’re very disappointed with the painting, it’s nothing like the quality of your other work, and we would like a refund.

This was around eight years ago, when I was still working in acrylics, and didn’t have much experience of portrait commissions.

The lady who sent the email had seen my portrait of Paul McCartney on my website.

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Foraging by Dan Johnson