Grisaille in Acrylics

Quick Grisaille in Acrylics

Here’s a video of part of a sketch painting I did last year, but I only got around to editing the video this week.

You can see the finished sketch below.

A grisaille is a monochrome painting, traditionally painted in shades of grey (the word grisaille is from the French gris, meaning grey), but it can really be done in any colour, and shades of brown are quite common, as it can mimic the colour of skin.

This grisaille was done in acrylic paint in about 30 minutes. With acrylics, you don’t get much time to work with the paint once it’s down on the canvas as they dry so quickly. I’m going to do a grisaille in oils next, and I’ll record part of the painting process.

Here’s the finished acrylic sketch. Let me know what you think.

Grisaille in Acrylics

Grisaille in Acrylics

Jeff Buckley Sketch Painting

Getting Back Into Painting After a Break

Ok, I haven’t done much painting for quite a few months, but now I’m itching to get back into it.

I’ve had this half-finished Jeff Buckley painting lying around for months, and today I finally got round to doing some more work on it.

I don’t think I’ll take it any further, but it was fun to throw some paint around the canvas again, and get the old arms loosened up!

Here’s the painting in its current state:

Jeff Buckley Sketch Painting

Jeff Buckley Sketch Painting

It’s not a piece I’m particularly taken with, but it was a great reintroduction to painting after a pretty long break, and working in monochrome helped me build my confidence again without getting distracted by colour.

I also filmed part of the painting process, which I intend to do more of in future. I’ve created a short montage video, so you can see a bit of how it came together. Let me know what you think.

This was an acrylic painting, but I think it will be my last, as I have now embraced oils as my medium of choice, so look out for some new oil paintings coming soon!