Teachers of a Self-Guided Artist: Stan Prokopenko

This is the fifth in a series of portraits called Teachers of a Self-Guided Artist. Check out the intro post The Self-Taught Myth to read more about it.

In early 2017 I decided I needed to get better at drawing. I was always ok at it, but I never practiced that much, and when I did go to the occasional figure drawing session, I would always leave slightly disappointed with what I had produced.

One day I was browsing some artist forums looking for recommendations, and I saw several people raving about these YouTube tutorials from ‘Proko’. I checked out one of the videos, on How to Draw the Head from Any Angle, and at first I thought the video was kind of cheesy, with the animation and comedy elements, but the content seemed promising, and piqued my interest. After a few more videos I was hooked, and even started to enjoy the cheesy elements, like Skelly, the animated skeleton. So I proceeded to make my way through all the free content on the site (there’s a lot!)

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